Everything Is Working Out Fine In Some Town

by Parachute Musical

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Michael Beaver
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Michael Beaver Piano driven rock laced with awesome, hope springs eternal that @paramusical rethinks their retirement. Favorite track: Dear Jacksonville.
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released June 19, 2008

Josh Foster - vocals, piano, rhodes
Tom Gilbert - guitar, vocals
Kyle Cornett - bass, vocals
Ben Jacoby - drums, percussion

.Produced.Engineered.Mixed. by Derek Garten

Mastered by Tommy Dorsey
Additional engineering by John Stanfield
Assistant engineers: John Stanfield, Joshua Keith
Sound design on Flashback `83 by J. Seeman

Tracked, overdubbed at Prime Recording in Nashville, TN
Pianos recorded at The Tracking Room in Nashville, TN

all orchestral arrangements by Josh Foster, except track 1 by Josh Foster & Fernando Benadon

all songs by Josh Foster and Parachute Musical [SESAC]

album artwork by Carol Stix, Katie Stix and Ben Stix.



all rights reserved


Parachute Musical Nashville

Kill It Cut It Down: The abandonment of old ways; leaving behind the safe and familiar to embrace something new.

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Track Name: Everything Is Working Out Fine In Some Town
brick by brick i'll watch it fade away and when nothings left of my old house i'll refrain to one memory where we washed ourselves in the grass covered with snow only my brother and sister need to know that everything is working out fine in some town and i'm sorry for leaving you now
Track Name: Dear Jacksonville
there's something in the way that I feel today somethings changed so i'll take a little trip on through the southern states to a familiar place to arrange my thoughts on love and life I've taken that trip many-a-time down to jacksonville but I never got my fill of it all and i returned to my home town without a care in the world and way less cash then i started with We're all just runnin' from the same girl she took captive out hearts but in the end she rocked our world And when all is said and done you'll pack it up and head for home cause runnin's become old and dull and change ain't working out dear jacksonville
Track Name: Leave Me
please take this canopy and drape it all over me cause i'm flailing in need of some covering it could bring me back to what i'm missing so leave I would love to start when can we start over again when can we please start And take my heart again as haphazard as you were i've calloused thin but still find me the same old sunken in antiquated overrated masquerading somethings missing And take my eyes and mouth and shut one open two to find that i'm flailing in need of some covering it could bring me back and bring me down again So leave me here and let me stay i'll be quiet and have my say instead
Track Name: Instead
isn't it simple isn't it kind the way that i've arranged it in my head but still a mess i'll be the first to confess i'll sit and ponder you I'm getting older everyday and making mistakes along my way but all I know is baby i will sit as it all crumbles to bits i will wait to marry you or better yet i'll marry my music instead because she makes me feel
Track Name: Back The Same
i'm not finding words that could greet my inner mind set i'm eloquently in distress and i'm eloquently such a mess and i'm over things that help me fake some phony type of intellect i'd creep and crawl right out my chair and raise my hands in the air just to let you know that you're on my mind and my heart can't swing that motion but we can try to fake like friends but we'll end up back the same i know it and i'm not counting time yet cause i'm young enough to waste it i'm laughing at my lack of trust and all i love and work so much my pains expense my countenance is over driven over working i'm dumb enough to speak my mind but smart enough to not let you know that you're on my mind and you've been that way for a long time and we can try to fake like friends but we'll end up back the same i know it
Track Name: Flashback `83
grip get a grip get a grip she said as she paced down the hall it was 1983 and she didn't know much at all about raising a kid or making him right or holding him close like she'd plan to without harming his life but she said get a grip kathy lynn he's gonna be here soon so get a grip kathy lynn you're gonna be his star so get a grip a grip kathy lynn you're gonna be his star in nine
Track Name: College Degree
when you can't find work with a college degree when your heart is out there and nobody else seems to be Take some advice it is as hard as you think you'll love that place at first but when you're poor everything else seems to be I'm tryin my best to be happy So little bird just hear me sing i'm out on bended knee and broken wing and i've never changed And when you're sleepin' til' noon or three come on an set that alarm and get up early cause' baby yea take it from me sleep's not what you need
Track Name: Arrhythmia
only time will tell that you have been a disgrace to a choice and only time will heal fill in this empty space i need an alibi so houston come in my heart has blead out of control and i'm not willing to bleed anymore so fill me in and speed this process please cause' in the end it's time that will be the death of me Please remove yourself from on high you're no saint I know cause' i've lived in your house of lies it twists it bends it breaks but it still stands so don't tell me a thing and don't apologize cause' i was in need of more I would love to pack up and leave if for once it meant that i'd be clear and free mentally i'll show none cause' none was shown to me Arrhythmic bleeding beats makes us strong makes us weak
Track Name: One More Song
i don't have anything to write about anymore my words have become boring and too plain for stories or films i feel so unfulfilled cus i'm always fixing something but it always seems to break and i can't win i can't stop i'll take it from the top take me back to ten i remember ten to be a very good back then a time of best friends and not having to worry one little bit about my kin but these days it seems i worry only on the latter and it tends to fill up my head and clatter i'm finding my own way out of here and i'm only taking one on my way you can mentally sit on the fence all day but i'll have the time of my life no one will take that away from me anymore i'm right i'm right i know i'm right so hear me out cause this is my turn to speak or scream i'm gonna say this from the top of my lungs clear as i can but as clear as i could would never produce the effect that i want so stop and listen good i won't write one more song about what happened or what went wrong i'm moving on because it's time for a change a change in my life i'm ready to just let this go and leave you by yourself for awhile till' you finally know how hard it is to be alone
Track Name: Stranger Things
it's a long road a dark and twisted freak we're stuck on so i'll wait on the shoulder cause' i fear we won't find our way back using the crumbs i have been adventurous enough so you should go on with out me babe And this gravel's giving me sores like a bed that you can't leave much i'm waiting for all these clouds to clear i'm waiting to find someone or for you to find someone who knocks you off of your feet so you can just forget about me i swear i won't act shocked at all i'll pretend i saw it coming all along And you can rip my heart from my hand cause' it's been outstretched for far too long and i can't quite hold it up anymore cause this has been a long road a dark and twisted freak that i've been stuck on and i'm still on the shoulder cause i fear i won't find my way back using the crumbs i've been more adventurous than most would have been so just go on without me please be sure to take my heart when you go it's heavy as hell so dispose of it however you want and just go on without me